FREE Food & Clothing Assistance for 91 Years!

Since 1923, the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division has been providing food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need. Whether due to the loss of a job, domestic crime, illness, or victims of fire or disaster, the Sunshine Division has built a 91-year legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist distressed Portlanders.

We offer food assistance six days a week at our warehouse as well as 24/7 through our partnership with the Portland Police Bureau who store food boxes at each police precinct that can be dispatched to those in need at any time. We also provide no-cost, bulk food and food boxes to 15+ local hunger relief non-profits serving Clark, Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties.  In addition to food relief, we offer new and gently-used clothing in our on-site clothing room and fund new school clothes for low income children through our Izzy’s Kid’s program which pairs a Portland police officer with a child for a one-on-one shopping experience.

If you need help with food or clothing,
please call: 503-823-2102 or click here for more information.


“Against all wishes of my pride and ego, I had to concede that we needed help. I not only found that help at the Sunshine Division, but also food, clothing, and most importantly kind, loving support.  It is difficult to find the words to describe my relationship with the people in this organization.   I could list the names of those who assisted me, provided advice, shared joy with my children, gave me food, provided a Christmas (when there wouldn’t have been one otherwise), but the list could go on ad infinitum. 

I was originally told that I could find some relief for my family’s food needs at the Sunshine Division. To this day it amazes me how much more I have received from the people that make up this agency. It is alive with Hope and kindness and humanity. These beautiful souls define what the American success story really is.  It is not material wealth, but the abundance of kindness that fills our souls as we help one another. Everyone associated with this agency embodies the characteristics of kindness,  altruism, and a Devine respect for our human connection. 

In short, I have not only found hope at the Sunshine Division. They have inspired me to get better, to join in with them in giving, and to significantly alter my definition of success.  These are some of the wealthiest people I know and I am privileged and honored to have participated in their lives.  I can only hope and dream that I may have such an impact on my fellow human beings.”


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