Planned Giving

Endowment Funds
More than ever before the Sunshine Division needs the support of individuals to continue to provide for the community. Cuts in state and federal funding have increased the role of not for profit organizations in helping those in need. It is more important than ever that funding comes from you, the individual donor.

Many charities have created endowment funds in response to this trend. The flexibility of an endowment permits the charity to maintain financial security while focusing on its mission.

A growing number of institutions include life insurance policies as a part of their overall endowment development programs. Life insurance is a valuable giving tool that allows persons that could not normally afford it to make a substantial contribution.

Life Insurance Endowment Option
The Life Insurance Endowment Option can be a vital component in any endowment development plan and It’s easy to establish. Your favorite charity is simply named a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Through this technique, both you and your charity can reap important rewards.

Benefits for You:

  • A major gift can be made for a few dollars a year.
  • Good people of modest means can make a sizable donation.
  • When the charity is the policy owner and the beneficiary of the policy; the entire gift may be tax deductible.*
  • Your gift is self-executing and proceeds are paid promptly.

*Check with your financial advisor about state laws to determine if and how you can best establish the gift to receive a tax deduction.

Benefits for the Charity Institution:

  • Assured source of future income.
  • Amount of gift is certain.
  • Possible to access cash surrender values.
  • Total control of program if charity owns the policy.

Asset Replacement Option
With the asset replacement option, you would make a tax-deductible gift to charity (cash, stocks, bond, real estate, or other assets). You would purchase a life insurance policy naming your heirs as beneficiaries to replace the property gifted. The money saved from the tax deduction could help fund the policy premium.

Benefits for You:

  • Your gift may qualify for current income tax deduction.
  • The gift could be placed in a trust to provide you with a lifetime income.
  • Your gift may escape estate taxes after you die.
  • At your death, your heirs will receive insurance benefits equal to the value of the assets you gifted.

Benefits for the Charity Institution:

        • Amount of the gift is certain.
        • If the gift is placed in a trust, the charity can control the asset during your lifetime by serving as trustee.
        • Assured source of income.

Your Estate Planning Team Can Help You Make the Most of Your Gifts

Charitable gifts can be as simple as giving cash to a charity, or as complex as using a trust. Whatever your goal, life insurance can be a valuable tool to fund your gift. Make sure you consult your life insurance agent and financial advisors before making such a gift. A modest gift today can provide an endowment that will help a good cause far into the future.

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